Start big, fade away

In what can only be described as a usual pattern, I started a blog with excitement and grand and marvellous plans…then got busy and forgot about it. Really the only reason I’m back is my Canuck pal posted another and I got the guilts.

We’ve been so busy with our new venue, a regional derby tournament, wftda stuff, work etc that we have never had a chance to set it all up and see how it will look for a ‘real’ big game. (We have had a few rec league games in it, but at this stage that consists of 3 on 3 :/ ). So, yesterday, me and a pal cleaned the office, taped out the ref lane, set up our chairs and had a look…we are pretty darn pleased with ourselves. Our teeny league, second-from-the-bottom on Flat Track Stats, built this place.


I mean really. Look at this! We have change rooms, a kitchen, skate storage.



Yeah, we should be pretty proud. So, if I don’t post, I’m probably here. Or at work.

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