The world is trying to kill me

So, the heading may seem extreme, but I’m pretty certain the world is trying to get rid of me.

So far, in my less than two years working in Emergency, I have had a Hepatitis C ‘scare’, an HIV ‘scare’ and have now had a high risk exposure to meningitis. Really? My stomach is completely unimpressed by yet more prophylactic antibiotics.

The infection control nurse at my hospital rings me now and says “oh, I’m so sorry it’s you again”….of course it is. I feel like goshdarn Charlie Brown.

One of the nurses I work with joked about needing a holiday. I pointed out that last time I went to Bali, I caught a mosquito borne virus that landed me in hospital for four days….”of course you did” was her response.

How I’ve lived to 42 astounds me at times.

My great grandmother used to love to tell a story about how the car her and my mother were in nearly blew up once. It is a great story, it goes;

“So we were driving along and smoke started coming out of the car. We of course panicked, pulled over and jumped out of the car. You (you, being me in all my cuteness obviously) were just a baby in a bassinet, and of course back then we just had the bassinet sitting on the back seat…Anyway, your mum and I were standing there, holding each other, watching the smoke and arguing about who was going to go back into the car to fetch you”….fades into laughter……

I assume somebody got me as I’m still here, but clearly the world has been trying to obliterate me since I was a baby.

Anyway, that’s a nice segue into why this blog is called staxhands. Yes, my pals joke about the extremely cool placement of my hands in the air when performing tasks, but also, it reminds me of my great grandmother. Brachydactyly type  a3 & d run in my family. Well at least they did in her generation and then her children. It skipped all of her grandchildren and I am the only great grandchild with it. Stumpy toe thumbs and short little finger with displaced knuckle….of course I was the only one to be blessed with it.

She was incredibly awesome though, so I like to think I am the only one of my generation cool enough to have inherited part of her awesome, even if the world is trying to kill me.

She died last year and it was a catalyst for a possibly non repairable rift in my family. I did not get to attend her funeral. But I saw her a couple of days before she died and got this photo of us..


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