It’s not all bad

I think my posts have sounded negative, but I actually have a positive outlook and believe all will end well.  My wife says I’m addicted to stress, I think she is right, when it decreases in my life I add a new thing for myself to complete…I downloaded an app about mindfulness…the first part was about meditation….I’ve deleted the app. Who has time for meditation?

I’ve signed up for a couple more things through work, because the whole ‘building our own venue’ thing was starting to settle, so of course, I couldn’t allow myself breathing time, that’s crazy!

I did actually spend real time with my wife this weekend. I had almost forgotten how lovely she is and how pleasant spending time with her is…even considering as part of that time included carrying our 9.4kg dog on the return part of our walk as she was too tired. The dog is ridiculous. But cute. So is the wife.


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