Roller Derby is Dumb

So, I’ve been involved in roller derby for a large number of years now. I’ve been with 3 different leagues and on lots of committees. My newest league are young, regional and determined. They are amazing. Have built their own venue. Are hosting learn to skate classes for juniors, a specialised program for teen girls, are just go getters…..not the greatest team in the world…probably due to doing all the things instead of training 42 hours a week, but damn impressive peeps.

I’ve also been heavily involved in coordinating a statewide, regionally focused, but open to all round robin. This is where the dumb starts.

People complain about not enough game time in our end of the world. On the opposite side of a big country to where most of the derbies happen, it can feel isolated. So….I like to get things done….I’ll create a chance for people to play.

Problem 1: not enough players for actual league teams as demonstrated by most recent state tournament.

Solution: create mixed teams based on geographical points, cute and practical.

NO. Contacted by leagues asking why they can’t have their own teams….explain if they submit enough players for a whole team we may change structure to suit……they submit 5 people….. another one submitted zero, despite prompting. thanks for the stress over NOTHING.

Problem 2: Complaints as always that not enough learning opportunities.

Solution: create a day of clinics.

This actually worked, except apparently out of the ENTIRE GODDAMN STATE there is NOT ONE person who can be first aider for the afternoon sessions, so this guy has to. Cool. Cause I have a WFTDA mock sanctioned game that night, but yeah, I’ll sit there and do that too.

Yeah I’m whiny, but seriously, people complain about not having things and when you try and create it, they say it’s not enough. I LITERALLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT PLAYING IN THIS ROUND ROBIN AS IT IS POINTLESS FOR MY LEVEL OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT BUT I’M DOING IT FOR YOU PEOPLE. GRAGHGHAHGRHHH.

Our league also recently changed from Skate Aus to Skate Vic as our insurer/governing body. We upturned the olde apple cart on that one. Our dear state is known colloquially as ‘Wait Awhile’, never more has this been demonstrated than the Skate Aus/Skate Vic ridiculousness. I don’t have enough space, or time to delve into the dumbness, but at the end of the day, Skate Vic have got their shit together, Skate WA do not. But the people who are fans of ‘same as it ever was’ can’t see it. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

This post has no point. But I feel better. So maybe that is its point.

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