Wife is back. Kid is gone.

So. As with most things in my life, I started this and then realised I have far too much on my plate. However, unlike most of the things I undertake, this is one I could easily drop and I wouldn’t get the guilts. But my Canadan pal said she enjoyed reading my other ones which set me up for guilts again. High anxiety, it’s ok, I deal with it well most of the time. And not by being a raging alcoholic, so yay,  mature coping skills.

Update. Wife moved home day child moved out. This is a good thing for my relationship. And I am very happy she is back.

I am very worried about the offspring, however there is little I can do about that. I am very good at worrying though, so I will continue to do that.

I went to my GP to do a mental health plan, as suggested by my nearest and dearest people.  This in itself is a stressor as I live in a small town and work with most of the GPs. The ones I don’t work with I wouldn’t trust with a succulent let alone a human life. So finding one I can work with AND tell my crap to is hard. I thought I had one for awhile but she would raise her eyebrows at me at work if I said things like ‘I have a headache’…..basically I felt like she cared and it made me very uncomfortable.

My GP however, when I explained my home situation, said ‘so, your wife had to live with you and basically a male you?’ and burst out laughing.  Perfect.

Anyway, back to my mental health plan. I filled it in and I got the highest score possible for stress. So I feel that means I won. Because, everything is about winning. And, unsurprisingly, my ol’ mate anxiety was a close second. I scored very low for depression, which I expected too. I see light at the end of my tunnel….it’s just the doors that open along the way that scare the shit out of me.

Today is Open Day for our venue. This is a project that has taken a large portion of my time, so I’m hoping desperately that the day goes well. We put our patron Saint on the wall. So I’m sure she’ll bring us luck….





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