The dog is fine.

So an update. The dog is ok. She survived her second poisoning in 2 weeks and is back home. That’s a plus. Well, it’s also a minus nearly one thousand dollars, as her insurance coverage started the day after she ate prescription medication.

I’m trying to not overthink her reasoning for eating medication, as she is just a 9 month old dog, so I could be projecting by believing she has a desire to self harm.

My wife and I are talking. She is just overwhelmed with the oldest child’s presence, which is understandable. So she’ll be back soon, I’m hoping.

I went to training last night. I forgot to eat most of the day so had a serious case of the hoolies, but it was good to exercise and I had a beautifully timed hit that took someone out and made me super happy.

My friends tell me I take on too many tasks when I’m stressed. I know this about myself also. That is why I started this blog. One more thing to distract me from my problems. Did I mention I just found out my middle child is using meth now too? Yeah. I’m going to learn crochet next.


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